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Posted on Jan 08, 2020 by Colleen Holtkamp

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We have gathered the top blood bank posts from 2019. Topics include the launches of our new Pro Line countertop platelet storage systems and GX Solutions upright refrigerators, as well as the new AABB Standards-Compliant Product Evaluation Program. In these posts you will find a variety of helpful resources such as videos, white papers and case studies.

1. Pro Line Platelet Storage Systems Launched

Pro Line Platelet Incubators and Agitators offer optimized platelet storage. Powered by AdvanceCore™ Thermoelectric Heating and Cooling Technology, Pro Line systems are at least 80% more energy efficient than traditional platelet incubators, reducing energy consumption and decreasing the total cost of ownership. 


2. Helmer Scientific Is the First Vendor to Participate in New AABB Standards-Compliant Product Evaluation Program

AABB has announced a new Standards-Compliant Product Evaluation (SCoPE) Program for vendors that supply products and services to the transfusion medicine community. Helmer Scientific was invited to participate in the pilot for the new program, which is structured around evaluations of specific products. 


3. GX Solutions Now Available for Upright Refrigerators

Helmer Scientific announces the launch of GX Solutions Upright Refrigerators for Blood Bank, Laboratory, and Pharmacy. The expansion of GX Solutions to include all refrigerator models positions the line to meet current and future energy standards. 


4. Video Highlights the Benefits of Pro Line Platelet Storage Systems with AdvanceCore™ Technology

Pro Line Countertop Platelet Incubators and Agitators provide optimal platelet storage and support blood bank compliance. Watch our video to learn more about AdvanceCore™ Thermoelectric Heating and Cooling Technology and the benefits of Pro Line Countertop Platelet Storage Systems. 


5. Video Highlights the Benefits of Saving Energy and Reducing Cost with GX Solutions

GX Solutions utilize OptiCool™ Technology, offering optimized temperature management and decreased energy consumption. Watch our video, “GX Solutions and Energy Savings,” for an overview of this technology and to learn about the impact of energy efficiency on cost of ownership. 


6. AdvanceCore™ Technology Benefits Helmer Scientific Pro Line Countertop Platelet Storage Systems

AdvanceCore™ technology used in Pro Line platelet incubators provides ideal storage conditions for temperature-sensitive platelets. AdvanceCore™ is a specially designed solid-state heating and cooling system that provides reliable and efficient operation for platelet storage. Download the white paper to learn more.  


7. Video Highlights the Benefits of a Quiet Work Environment with GX Solutions

Technological advances have been developed that now make it possible for medical-grade refrigerators to operate quietly while also achieving optimal temperature management. Watch our video, “GX Solutions for a Quiet Work Environment,” to learn more about the benefits of reducing noise in a healthcare environment. 


8. Case Study: Hospital Evaluates Pro Line Platelet Storage System

Helmer Scientific placed a Pro Line Countertop Platelet Storage System at an evaluation site as part of our product development process. This enabled users to experience the platelet incubator and agitator in a real-world setting and provide feedback to the development team at Helmer. 


9. What Are Best Practices for Selecting Blood Bank Refrigerators?

What is it about a Blood Bank Refrigerator that helps our customers meet AABB standards, and are there additional considerations that should be taken into account when selecting a refrigerator for blood storage? To learn more, download the Best Practices Guide for Selecting Blood Bank Refrigerators. 


10. Demo Video Series: UltraCW® II Automatic Cell Washing System

The UltraCW® II Automatic Cell Washing System from Helmer Scientific offers exceptional performance and consistent, reproducible results. In addition, it is very easy to install, operate, and maintain. To make using the UltraCW® II even easier, we have developed a series of demonstration videos that walk you through various processes step-by-step. 


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