September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on Sep 20, 2022 by Colleen Holtkamp

Blood Cancer Awareness Month occurs every year in September, helping raise awareness and improve understanding of blood cancers. It is also a time to honor patients who are currently battling blood cancer and those who are in remission.

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Helmer Scientific Continues Expansion of GX Solutions; Adds Pass-thru Refrigerator

Posted on Sep 13, 2022 by Ben Greenfield

Helmer Scientific announces the launch of GX Solutions Pharmacy and Blood Bank Pass-Thru Refrigerators for clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, cancer therapies, blood therapies, research applications, and sample storage. Powered by OptiCool™ technology, GX Solutions are the first...

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When Blood Products Are Scarce, It’s Essential to Protect Them

Posted on Aug 30, 2022 by Colleen Holtkamp

During the summer months, blood centers typically have lower inventories of blood products. Regular donors tend to be busy with vacations and summer activities. At the same time, the demand for blood is high when more people are active and the risk for accidents and trauma...

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Giving Blood, Saving Lives

Posted on Aug 09, 2022 by Donna Holpuch

Blood donation is the easiest way to save lives. By giving blood, you are making a sacrifice that seems small to you but could be the difference between life and death for someone else.

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Helmer Scientific Addresses Cold Storage Challenges in Clinical Lab

Posted on Aug 04, 2022 by Donna Holpuch

Last week, Helmer Scientific joined more than 18,000 clinical laboratory professionals at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Chicago. The meeting offered valuable opportunities to learn from expert speakers, attend educational sessions, network, and...

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Reliable Storage Equipment is Critical to Safeguarding Platelets

Posted on Aug 02, 2022 by Colleen Holtkamp

Platelets are blood cells that are essential to hemostasis, the body’s process to prevent and stop bleeding. Under normal circumstances, platelets respond to injuries such as cuts and scrapes by sticking together, causing the blood to clot, which helps seal the injured area.

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Video: Downloading Temperature Graphs and Alarm Event Reports

Posted on Jun 21, 2022 by Colleen Holtkamp

AABB Standards require the storage temperatures of refrigerators, freezers, and platelet incubators be monitored. i.Series® temperature-controlled storage products from Helmer Scientific feature the i.C3® Information Center. This touchscreen user interface provides continuous...

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World Blood Donor Day 2022: Give Blood and Keep the World Beating

Posted on Jun 07, 2022 by Colleen Holtkamp

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated by organizations around the world annually  on June 14. Blood transfusions are essential to helping patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, and traumatic injuries. The purpose of dedicating a day to thank donors is to raise global...

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Regular Preventative Maintenance Supports Regulatory Compliance

Posted on May 24, 2022 by Brandon Russell

Performing routine preventative maintenance and calibration on professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers not only provides protection for your most valuable and sensitive medications, vaccines, and patient samples, it also supports regulatory compliance where...

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Not Maintaining Cold Storage Equipment Creates Substantial Risks

Posted on May 19, 2022 by Brandon Russell

Refrigerators and freezers used in clinical settings to store medications and vaccines or biologics such as blood and patient tissue samples are vital components in ensuring these highly sensitive and highly valuable products and specimens remain safe and effective. 

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