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Best of 2023: Pharmacy and Vaccine Storage

Posted on Nov 28, 2023 by Brandon Russell

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With the end of 2023 quickly approaching, we’d like to take a look back and share the top blogs from this year related to pharmacy and vaccine storage. 

Topics range from new product launches, the implementation of new regulations and best practice standards, new marquee vaccines, and waste reduction through efficiency and sustainability among others. 

Helmer Scientific Launches GX Solutions ULT Freezer 

In November, Helmer completed the conversion of its cold storage portfolio with the introduction of the GX Solutions ULT Freezer. Helmer has always focused on providing cold storage equipment that supports energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives without sacrificing performance. Our GX Solutions technology pairs high efficiency variable capacity compressors with natural hydrocarbon refrigerants.  


The Financial Impact of USP <797> Testing Requirements 

Updated USP <797> standard requirements finally became enforceable on November 1. After years of back-and-forth, we have updated requirements for sterile compounding applications.

In this blog, we outline the substantial changes to the surface and environmental testing required to meet compliance requirements for USP <797> and the potential costs of outsourcing those tests. 


Drug Shortages Amplify the Importance of Reducing Waste 

Ongoing drug shortages are requiring pharmacists to do more with less. With no end in sight, pharmacies must take steps to reduce drug waste. By ensuring they protect inventory, pharmacists are reducing the risk of negative patient outcomes due to drug shortages 


USP <797> Revisions Now in Final Review

This blog outlines the rationale behind and history of USP General Chapter <797> and highlights the major revisions recently adopted. Updates to USP <797> become enforceable November 1.

Helmer has solutions available to ensure sterile compounding clean rooms are able to meet clinical demands while adhering to compliance standards outlined in the forthcoming revisions.


NSF/ANSI 456: What it Means, Why it’s Important 

The NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard is the standard certification for equipment used to store vaccines. This blog dives into why this standard is needed, how manufacturers achieve and maintain certification, and best practices for evaluating certified equipment.  


Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation and Cold Storage Equipment 

Specialty pharmacy programs represent the largest single-focus revenue opportunity for healthcare systems. Significant infrastructure and process investments must be made to effectively implement specialty drug programs within health systems. This blog outlines the role cold storage equipment plays in the accreditation process and how Helmer equipment makes the process easier. 


The Bigger Picture Around Sustainability and Drug Shortages 

Drug shortages present an ongoing challenge that impact patient outcomes. This blog outlines the macro effects climate change has on the pharmaceutical supply chain and how it contributes to a cycle that will get worse unless changes are made. 


Conversation With an Expert: Why Service Matters in the Healthcare Space 

Whether the goal is to meet accreditation requirements, extend the usable life of equipment, or ensure proper ongoing equipment performance, regularly servicing cold storage equipment used in the healthcare setting is critical. Our conversation with Director of Global Technical Services at Helmer Wes Peik outlines the process and impact of service in the healthcare system and steps to make the process efficient and scalable. 


How is Your Pharmacy Supporting Sustainability? 

The U.S. healthcare system is responsible for 25 percent of the world’s healthcare-related greenhouse gas emissions. Experts predict that if we don’t reduce emissions output by at least 40 percent by 2030, we may begin to see ecosystems start to collapse. This blog outlines small but significant ways pharmacies can support sustainability initiatives. 


Helmer Acquired by Trane Technologies 

Our company was acquired by global climate innovator Trane Technologies in May. Adding Helmer to the portfolio of Life Science Solutions businesses leverages a world-class operating system and expertise in sustainability, global distribution, and commercialization to support Helmer customers for years to come. 


What is TrueBlue™ Service? 

You shouldn’t have to think about installation, preventative maintenance, or break/fix service on your cold storage equipment. In this blog we outline the ways TrueBlue™ service from Helmer keeps your refrigerators, freezers, ULTs, and other temperature-controlled equipment performing at its best during its entire service life. 


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Though 2023 has been a year of change at Helmer, a few things remain constant: Our focus on developing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality professional medical-grade equipment, and our dedication to supporting our partners in the healthcare industry as they provide world-class care to their patients.

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We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2024 and beyond. 

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Brandon Russell

Written by Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell is a senior marketing manager, covering the vaccine and pharmacy segments. He has more than five years of marketing experience.

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