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Brandon Russell is a senior marketing manager, covering the vaccine and pharmacy segments. He has more than five years of marketing experience.

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ENERGY STAR® Has Certified GX Solutions Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Posted on Feb 20, 2024 by Brandon Russell

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently recognized Helmer Scientific GX Solutions Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers as meeting ENERGY STAR® certification requirements for the High-Performance Laboratory Grade Freezer category.

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Demystifying Medical-Grade Cold Storage: Part 1

Posted on Feb 13, 2024 by Brandon Russell

Many terms are used to designate and market cold storage equipment in the medical space. Phrases such as purpose-built, medical-grade, and CDC-compliant are often attached to equipment to position it as appropriate for clinical use.

But what does it all actually mean, and how...

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Best of 2023: Pharmacy and Vaccine Storage

Posted on Nov 28, 2023 by Brandon Russell

With the end of 2023 quickly approaching, we’d like to take a look back and share the top blogs from this year related to pharmacy and vaccine storage.

Topics range from new product launches, the implementation of new regulations and best practice standards, new marquee...

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How Childhood Vaccinations Continue to Evolve

Posted on Nov 07, 2023 by Brandon Russell

Since the first successful vaccine was developed by Edward Jenner in 1796 and administered to 8-year-old James Phipps, vaccines have played a critical role in the overall public health landscape.

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What to Do as Long-Term Drug Shortages Continue

Posted on Oct 24, 2023 by Brandon Russell

Drug shortages are nothing new. Pharmacists are regularly tasked with managing patient treatment plans and providing the best care based on available resources.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues have compounded the challenges drug shortages present. At the...

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NSF/ANSI 456: How it Works and Why It’s Important

Posted on Oct 10, 2023 by Brandon Russell

Since it was officially issued in May 2021, the NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard has provided a blueprint for selecting cold-storage equipment used to store temperature-sensitive vaccines.

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Survey: Pharmacists Continue to Trust and Rely On Helmer Equipment

Posted on Sep 26, 2023 by Brandon Russell

Helmer Scientific continues to be the most broadly utilized cold storage equipment manufacturer in the clinical pharmacy, according to a recent survey.

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New Vaccines Provide Optimism This Flu Season

Posted on Sep 12, 2023 by Brandon Russell

Last year’s virus season was a respiratory mess. The continued impact of COVID-19 on top of early and elevated levels of seasonal influenza infection and RSV infection heavily impacted already stressed healthcare systems.

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Demystifying Back-to-School Vaccine Requirements and Exemptions

Posted on Aug 22, 2023 by Brandon Russell

As schools around the country come back into session, ensuring students are up to date on immunizations is key to preventing widespread illness.

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Cybersecurity Check-In: i.Series® Equipment Passes Vulnerability Testing

Posted on Aug 08, 2023 by Brandon Russell

i.Series® equipment manufactured by Helmer Scientific has passed cybersecurity vulnerability testing aligned with OWASP MSTGand in conformity withUL 2900-2-1 connected medical device cybersecurity standards.

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