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Best of 2023: Blood Bank & Clinical Lab

Posted on Dec 05, 2023 by Colleen Holtkamp

Best of Blood Bank & Clinical Lab

As we approach the end of the year, the Helmer Scientific team took an opportunity to look back at our blogs throughout 2023. We have gathered the top blood bank and clinical lab posts to share. 

Popular topics included new product launches, solutions that support regulatory compliance, and reducing the cost of ownership with energy saving products. Within these posts you will find a variety of helpful resources such as videos, articles, and best practices guides. 

Helmer Scientific Launches Pro Line Floor Model Platelet Storage Systems 

Helmer Scientific announced the launch of Pro Line Floor Model Platelet Storage Systems. The new floor models combine innovations in performance, reliability, and efficiency to offer optimal platelet storage and support blood bank compliance. They also reduce energy consumption, decreasing the total cost of ownership. 

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Helmer Scientific Completes Portfolio Conversion with GX Solutions ULT Freezer Launch 

We completed the conversion of our cold storage portfolio with the introduction of GX Solutions Ultra-Low Freezers. Helmer has always focused on providing cold storage equipment that supports energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives without sacrificing performance. Our GX Solutions technology pairs high efficiency variable capacity compressors with natural hydrocarbon refrigerants. 

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i.Series® Blood Bank Cold Storage Supports Regulatory Compliance 

Maintaining appropriate temperature control of blood products is a high priority for blood banks. Helmer Scientific offers i.Series® Blood Bank Refrigerators and Plasma Freezers. As required by AABB Standards, these devices are designed to ensure they can maintain the proper temperature for storing blood products. 

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Survey: Clinical Labs Expanding Use of Medical-Grade Refrigeration 

MedicalLab Management (MLM) magazine conducts an annual survey on the adoption of technology and automation in hospital laboratories. It asks respondents to provide feedback on equipment categories including refrigerators and freezers. Laboratories continue to adopt medical-grade refrigeration, and Helmer Scientific is one of the most widely adopted brands for hospital laboratory cold storage. 

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Reliable Ultra-Low Freezers for Short-Staffed Clinical Labs 

Clinical laboratories rely on ultra-low freezers to store valuable samples and other materials within a specified temperature range. With labs having to do more with fewer staff members, unreliable storage equipment is the last thing they should have to worry about. Helmer Scientific supports the efforts of clinical labs by providing reliable ultra-low freezers our customers can depend on. 

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Energy Efficient Lab Refrigerators, Freezers Reduce Cost of Ownership 

Advances in cooling technology have made it possible to substantially reduce energy use while keeping sensitive laboratory materials within required temperature ranges. The use of environmentally friendly refrigerants with low global warming potential and efficient variable capacity compressors significantly reduces energy consumption.  This can help facilities reduce their utility bills, lowering the total cost of ownership. 

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Video: i.C3® Event Log Documents Storage Device Alarms 

The i.C3® Information Center is integrated into Helmer Scientific's i.Series® Blood Bank Refrigerators, Plasma Freezers, and Pro Line Countertop Platelet Incubators. It continuously monitors the temperature inside the storage device and enables users to check the status of the unit with a quick glance at the home screen. The i.C3® includes an Event Log, which helps support compliance.  

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GX Solutions Freezers Safeguard Plasma, Support Regulatory Compliance 

After donated plasma is collected and processed, it must be stored at frozen temperatures to preserve clotting factors and optimize shelf life. GX Solutions Plasma Freezers provide the reliable temperature-controlled storage blood banks need for safeguarding critical plasma components. Tight uniformity provides confidence plasma products are stored at the right temperature. 

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Supporting Sustainability in Clinical Labs 

Clinical labs use temperature-controlled storage to maintain the integrity of specimens, reagents, and blood products. The type of refrigeration systems in use are a contributing factor to a health system’s overall carbon footprint. Multiple states have adopted greenhouse gas emissions targets to help address global warming.  Selecting laboratory cold storage that uses energy efficient technology and low GWP refrigerants will help reduce a facility’s environmental impact. 

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Helmer Scientific Now Part of Trane Technologies 

Helmer was acquired by global climate innovator Trane Technologies in May. Adding Helmer to the portfolio of Life Science Solutions businesses leverages a world-class operating system and expertise in sustainability, global distribution, and commercialization to support Helmer customers for years to come. 

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Helmer Scientific supports blood banks and clinical labs and all your efforts to ensure accurate test results and the safety of the blood supply. 

We look forward to bringing you up-to-date information on news, regulations, and products for blood banks and laboratories in 2024. Be sure to subscribe to the BlueView blog and the Helmer Insights Newsletter to have updates delivered to your inbox. 

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Colleen Holtkamp

Written by Colleen Holtkamp

Helmer designs, manufactures, and markets specialized medical and laboratory equipment to customers in more than 125 countries. With an extensive background in Helmer products, Colleen’s focus is on the Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank segments.

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