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Reducing Noise in the Blood Bank with GX Solutions

Posted on Jun 30, 2020 by Colleen Holtkamp

Reducing Noise in the Blood Bank with GX Solutions (1)

Blood banks can be noisy environments. With constant background noise from various pieces of equipment, plus different alarm tones and pagers activating inside the laboratory, the sound level can create challenges for staff. 

Noise in the laboratory has become a growing concern. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), government agencies have consistently identified noise-induced hearing loss as an issue for workers. Many employees are exposed to excessive sound levels in their workplaces.

Because of this issue, accrediting agencies such as the College of American Pathologists (CAP) have focused on making sure laboratory sound levels are safe. A noise evaluation is included in the CAP Accreditation Program Laboratory General Checklist. According to the checklist, the laboratory should have a policy to protect personnel from excessive noise levels.

While sound levels in most labs are below the threshold level that damages hearing, laboratory noise can still be dangerous to staff. The operation of equipment such as analyzers and centrifuges contribute to the sound level. Temperature-controlled storage equipment, such as incubators, refrigerators, and freezers can also be sources of noise.

OSHA says the following about managing noise in the lab:

“The recommended upper limit for noise for speech to be intelligible is 55 dBA. If the noise level in the laboratory is too high for the staff to hear what is being said, whether in conversation or on the telephone, there is a danger of misunderstanding instructions or laboratory results. Employers should evaluate improvements in design, engineering controls, and instrumentation that will reduce the noise generated.”

Conventional cooling technology has been used in medical-grade refrigeration for many years. These traditional systems accurately control the temperature but generate more noise than newer approaches. Fortunately, technological advances now make it possible for blood bank refrigerators to operate quietly while also achieving the precise temperature management required for the storage of blood products.

GX Solutions blood bank refrigerators are available from Helmer Scientific, a leading supplier of cold storage and processing equipment. GX Solutions utilize OptiCool™ Technology and are offered in upright and undercounter models.

They are designed for blood storage, offer optimal temperature management (uniformity, recovery and stability), and are three times quieter than conventional medical-grade refrigerators. This contributes to a safer workplace for blood bank staff. Noise also negatively affects patient recovery.  Reducing the sound level of any refrigerators located near patient care areas supports health and healing.

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Colleen Holtkamp

Written by Colleen Holtkamp

Helmer designs, manufactures, and markets specialized medical and laboratory equipment to customers in more than 125 countries. With an extensive background in Helmer products, Colleen’s focus is on the Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank segments.

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