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i.Series® Features and Connectivity Enhance Pharmacy Workflows

Posted on Apr 06, 2023 by Brandon Russell

A closeup of the i.C3® Advanced Information Center

Helmer Scientific i.Series® pharmacy refrigerators and freezers are designed to provide superior temperature performance as well as advanced intelligent monitoring functionality. This combination provides enhanced workflow support in all pharmacy settings, including accredited specialty pharmacies. 


Refrigerators and freezers equipped with the i.C3® Advanced Information Center standard on i.Series® models provide increased visibility to clinical, facility, and operational staff. 

Unit data can be integrated into existing third-party continuous monitoring systems and building automation system (BAS) platforms that support the i.Series® Ethernet API or Modbus TCP ethernet connectivity. 

The ability to connect all Helmer i.Series® equipment in this way provides a 360-degree view of all integrated equipment in a centralized location. This allows members of clinical and facilities teams to efficiently monitor equipment in real-time no matter where the equipment is located.  

It also provides access to data beyond standard temperature alarms, including door status and refrigeration system data. This visibility supports remote diagnostics and the efficient deployment of resources to manage equipment service. 

Event Log and Detail Screen with Event Acknowledgement 

The integrated event log, which is standard on the i.C3® Advanced Information Center, provides a detailed report of the 100 most recent events and allows users to review key information about each event. 

Using the event log, users can review the type of alarm, start and end time of the alarm, and the maximum and minimum temperatures of the unit during the alarm.  

Event acknowledgement functionality also captures and reports corrective actions taken in response to alarms, complete with a signature of the user responsible and a timestamp. 

Data Transfer Center 

The data transfer center on the i.C3® Advanced Information Center allows users to download up to 10 years of log data directly from the unit. Users also have access to downloadable reports related to events (and their resolution) and unit access, if the unit is equipped with optional access control functionality. 

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The technology provided by i.Series® pharmacy refrigerators and freezers deliver enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities to ensure medications and vaccines are always stored appropriately. 

Connectivity and access to in-depth historical data provide opportunities to enhance workflow efficiency and deliver cross-facility visibility. They also provide support for audit requirements and various accreditation standards, including specialty pharmacy accreditation. 

Our website has more information about the advanced features and temperature performance of i.Series® equipment, including videos showing the system in action. 

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Brandon Russell

Written by Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell is a senior marketing manager, covering the vaccine and pharmacy segments. He has more than five years of marketing experience.

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