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ENERGY STAR® Has Certified GX Solutions Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Posted on Feb 20, 2024 by Brandon Russell

GX Solutions Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently recognized Helmer Scientific GX Solutions Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers as meeting ENERGY STAR® certification requirements for the High-Performance Laboratory Grade Freezer category.

The ENERGY STAR® program helps safeguard the environment by promoting superior energy efficiency across a broad range of products, including testing and recognition of cold storage devices used for clinical applications. This equipment category is broadly used across healthcare and research facilities to store critical blood products, patient samples, reagents, medications, and vaccines.

Sustainability in the healthcare and life science industries has become a focus the past several years. While healthcare systems are responsible for treating patients impacted by climate change, they are also major contributors to the overall problem.

In 2022, the United States healthcare system owned an 8.5 percent share of greenhouse gas emissions, and health system emissions increased 6 percent between 2010 and 2018.


Helmer Scientific GX Solutions ULTs are powered by OptiCool™ Technology. This technology pairs dual variable capacity compressors (VCCs) with natural hydrocarbon refrigerants to deliver the temperature performance required for clinical applications.

OptiCool™ also enables reduction in noise, increases in energy efficiency, and supports global environmental sustainability initiatives by eliminating the use of refrigerants with high Global Warming Potential (GWP).

GX Solutions Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers join our laboratory, pharmacy, and blood bank undercounter and upright ENERGY STAR® certified and recognized refrigerators and freezers.

Helmer and its parent organization, Trane Technologies, are fully committed to supporting global sustainability initiatives. We have committed to removing a gigaton of greenhouse gas emissions from our customers’ carbon footprints by 2030. This reduction equates to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of Italy, France, and the United Kingdom combined.

Please visit our website for the complete list of Helmer Scientific ENERGY STAR® recognized medical-grade refrigerators and freezers.

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Brandon Russell

Written by Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell is a senior marketing manager, covering the vaccine and pharmacy segments. He has more than five years of marketing experience.

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