Helmer Generosity: Career Day 2017

Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by Donna Holpuch

Helmer Generosity hosted the 2017 Career Day in conjunction with Dream Alive this past week. Career Day has become an annual event and is looked forward to by students and Helmer team members...

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Influenza Activity Remains Elevated in the United States

Posted on Mar 17, 2017 by Miranda Allen

Each week during flu season, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) posts FluView, a weekly influenza surveillance report prepared by the Influenza Division. The report provides a quick...

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Making Service Simple: Filling a Probe Bottle

Posted on Mar 16, 2017 by Matt Schafer

The probe bottle in your Helmer freezer or refrigerator contains a product simulation solution which helps replicate the temperature of the products being stored within the unit. The number and...

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Making Service Simple - A How-To Video Series: Calibrating a Temperature Chart Recorder

Posted on Mar 10, 2017 by Matt Schafer

Quarterly calibration of your Temperature Chart Recorder is a simple way to ensure its accuracy.  A NIST certified independent thermometer placed inside the unit next to the temperature probe will...

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New Video Highlights i.C3® Enhanced Feature Set

Posted on Mar 08, 2017 by Colleen Holtkamp

Helmer Scientific recently announced that the i.C3® Information Center, the integrated control and monitoring system for the i.Series® line of refrigerators and freezers, has been updated with an...

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Helmer Generosity: Chili Cook-off Benefits Mission to Ukraine

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 by Donna Holpuch

The sixth annual Helmer Scientific Chili Cook-off was a huge success, surpassing all expectations thanks to our awesome vendors and partners. The chili cook-off is a fund-raising event to support...

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Making Service Simple — A How-To Video Series for Maintaining your Helmer Product: SD Card Replacement

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 by Matt Schafer

Servicing your Helmer product just got a little easier.  Our qualified service technicians will guide you through some common maintenance procedures in our How-To video series providing detailed...

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How to Improve USP <797> Clean Room Workflows

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 by Miranda Allen

USP <797> details the procedures and requirements for compounding sterile preparations and sets standards that are applicable to all practice settings in which sterile preparations are compounded....

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Helmer Generosity – Cultivating Unique Initiatives

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 by Bruce King

I wanted to share this recording of a presentation given alongside Natasha Mazur, who was instrumental in growing the unique approach we take with our Generosity Programs. The video briefly...

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Maintaining the Safety and Efficacy of Mother’s Milk with Medical-grade Refrigeration

Posted on Feb 22, 2017 by Miranda Allen

Image Credit:

Hospitals have the responsibility to properly store and handle medical expressed breast Milk (EBM). EBM is to be collected and stored in a manner that reduces the risk...

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