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Meet CDC Guidelines for Vaccine Storage with Helmer’s i.C3® Information Center

Posted on Apr 15, 2021 by Kristen Yawit

Blog -  iC3 and CDC Guidelines

The i.C3® Information Center is a touchscreen user interface integrated into Helmer’s i.Series® product line, including refrigerators, freezers and ultra low freezers. The i.C3® Information Center provides intelligent diagnostic information and temperature data, while providing security features to keep the information safe. It consolidates everything you need to know about the status of your storage device in one secure location.

The i.C3® supports pharmacies and vaccine providers in their efforts to meet CDC guidelines for vaccine storage temperature monitoring. According to the CDC’s Vaccine Storage and Handling toolkit, every vaccine storage unit must have a Temperature Monitoring Device (TMD). The CDC recommends providers use a specific type of TMD called a digital data logger (DDL). DDLs display more than just minimum and maximum temperatures. These devices provide insight into temperatures over time and how long a vaccine storage unit has been operating outside of the required temperature range.

The i.C3® Information Center supports compliance with CDC guidelines by constantly monitoring the temperature inside a vaccine storage unit. High or low temperature alarms activate if the temperature exceeds or falls below the alarm limits. The i.C3® also monitors other factors that could impact the temperature, such as door openings and power failure.

The onboard temperature graph, event log, and downloadable temperature and event files can help vaccine providers look at vaccine temperatures over time and determine vaccine viability. The i.C3® also offers automatic alarm testing. Not only does automatic alarm testing make routine alarm checks a more efficient process, but these tests are also recorded in the event log along with the temperature at which the alarm activated.

Vaccine for Children providers, as well as COVID-19 vaccine providers, can expect an audit by the CDC to ensure proper safeguarding of vaccines. During this audit, the CDC will check to ensure the provider is using a DDL and following guidelines in the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit.

A series of videos has been created to demonstrate the features of the i.C3® Information Center. The first video of the series is an overview that provides an introduction to the i.C3®. It highlights the information available on the home screen and introduces major functions. Additional videos will provide a closer look at these capabilities and more.


Watch our video for an overview of the i.C3® Information Center, and keep an eye on our blog for additional videos to come that will provide more details on the capabilities of the i.C3®.

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Kristen Yawit

Written by Kristen Yawit

With over 5 years of experience in healthcare marketing strategy and pharmacy product development and management, Kristen is the Segment Marketing Manager at Helmer Scientific, focused on the Pharmacy and Vaccine segments.

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