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3 Reasons to Consider AdvanceCore™

Posted on Nov 19, 2019 by Donna Holpuch

Helmer products with the text "3 Reasons to Consider AdvanceCore™"

AdvanceCore™ is the technology that powers the Helmer Scientific Pro Line Countertop Platelet Storage Systems. This solid-state thermoelectric refrigeration system uses Peltier technology to automatically heat and cool only as needed to achieve and maintain the optimal temperature for platelet storage.

The use of AdvanceCore™ Technology offers several benefits including:

  1. Precise temperature uniformity ensuring platelet products are not compromised by temperature fluctuations
  2. Decreased energy utilization resulting in significant energy cost savings and reduction in lifetime cost of ownership
  3. Support of sustainability initiatives through the elimination of gases targeted under multiple international programs

Check out the infographic below for additional facts on how AdvanceCore™ technology brings economic and environmental value, as well as providing safe storage of platelet products.

3 Reasons to Consider AdvanceCore Infographic

Learn more about Pro Line Platelet Storage >>

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Donna Holpuch

Written by Donna Holpuch

Bringing over 20 years of marketing experience in clinical, pharmacy and life sciences industries, Donna is the Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications at Helmer Scientific. She has successfully developed marketing strategies and tactics integrating inbound and outbound methods, digital, and marketing technology to drive commercial business results.

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