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How to Standardize, Enhance, and Elevate your Vaccine Program

Posted on Jul 10, 2018 by Miranda Schroeder


Standardizing your vaccine program across multiple sites can provide tremendous benefits. Standardization increases efficiencies, elevates user experience, eases maintenance, and most importantly, helps you provide the highest level of care to your patients. However, getting your network to invest in the right equipment, resources, and people to get serious about vaccine storage and handling can be a big task.

That said, the risk that comes along with improper vaccine storage is too great to ignore. Proper vaccine storage and handling plays an important role at keeping preventable diseases at bay. Failure to store and handle vaccines properly can reduce vaccine potency leading to inadequate immune responses in patients. These errors can then result in revaccination, and revaccination can lead to patients losing confidence in vaccines and in YOU as a provider. Lastly, is the financial impact caused by wasted vaccines. Many providers have suffered huge financial loss due to wasted vaccines.

Loss of expensive vaccine or a bad audit often leads to a major wake up call. Act BEFORE you receive that call. In our Vaccine Program eBook we turn to the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program as a guide for how to safely manage, monitor, and store vaccine, as well as how to train and update staff on latest best practices. The eBook also covers how to update your policies and procedures to keep vaccines safeguarded.

Here is a peek inside the eBook:

  • Temperature monitoring best practices & equipment
  • Vaccine refrigerators & freezers
  • Vaccine inventory management plan
  • Emergency vaccine storage & handling
  • Training staff
  • Detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs)

The eBook covers everything you need to revamp your vaccine program, standardize, stay compliant, and deliver your patients safe and effective vaccinations.

Download the eBook »

Miranda Schroeder

Written by Miranda Schroeder

Helmer designs, manufactures, and sells reliable medical-grade refrigeration. Miranda specializes in the pharmacy segment in regards to proper cold storage for refrigerated and frozen medications and vaccines.

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